The Prophecies of the Messenger of Allah

Every Tuesday and Wednesday after Isha, Shaykh Omar will discuss the prophecies of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Share the Khair

In the morning, after Fajr, there will be a short talk delivered by Shaykh Omar followed by breakfast.

Connect with the Quran

Shaykh Omar will give tafseer on a few ayats of Surah Yusuf after Maghrib on Fridays.

Deen Essentials

On Mondays after Isha, Shaykh Idrees will explain the essential Islamic rulings that everyone should have knowledge of.

Summer Hifz Intensive

This 8 week program will allow students to memorize surahs of the Quran with expert guidance from huffaz.

Summer Camp

Over the Summer, kids will enjoy various educational and extracurricular activities while socializing with their peers.

The Seerat of the Last Prophet

Each Thursday, after Isha, Shaykh Omar Abbasi will speak about the life of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).